Back into the ancient time, where the bathing halls are famous only for the Rich and Noble people to have their relaxation time. While a new order had been enacted by the Kingdom’s Council to free the duty of slavery, of which a slave that has worked more than 3 years under the harsh state of servitude. They can leave their original masters and apply to work in the bathing halls instead.








All slaves are always dreaming to work in the bath halls one day so they can get a more comfortable job and environment, less hard works and workload, more freedom. So this Order had given them great hope. But the reality is always cruel. The antique sketch posted above is a record of the bath boys whom providing their services to the Rich and Noble Class. There are NO such a dream for comfort works and an escape from the harsh bondage of servitude.






An excerpts from a rotten journal recorded by a Head of an ancient bath hall had survived and there is a page clearly noted the bath boys’ daily routine which we believed that it was written for the bath boys’ new supervisors (which the Head called them masters) to keep track the progress:


1) Morning - 3 hours (Comment: We conjecture that it starts from 8 am to 11 am around)


All bath boys are needed to work under the Black Mine (Under the bath hall, 10 meters downward, follows the stair next from the steam room!), to mine heavy granite rocks, for their weight lifting, to exercise them, to burst up their strength and keep their torsos in good shape. (Our rich and noble friends love it! Alas! Get it? Masters! Although I m not a male lover.) Sure, the granite mining are runned by our Noble and Rich partners, they need those stones for construction, and we can get more extract income. (So you have to count the numbers that must meet the contract stated, understand? Masters!! If you make this wrong, I gurrantee that you will become one of the bath boys down there!)


2) Torsos Check - 2 hours (Comment: We conjecture that it means.... body / health check...?! by force!?)


Check their torsos after the harsh duty of mining, make sure they have trained their torsos nice, use your whip and stave to work on them, in the bondage room, order them to bind each other to the wall, one by one, only the nice ones will be selected for the “night services”. (If our dear patrons complain about their quality, I must sell you to the black market!)


We have 50 bath boys, check as quick as possible, we still need them to do the cleaning works in the afternoon.


3) Beans Feeding (Comment: Beans and nuts are proved as protein sources nowadays!)


Let them eat the beans. That’s good for their torsos and strength, and their ...... “white elixir”. (I treat them so well as my dogs! Masters so do you do as i did!)


4) Cleaning Works - 4 hours (Comment: We believe it starts from 1 pm to 5 pm, the old filths that mentioned is a mystery!)


Order them to clean all floors, bath pools, and towels. Must be finished within 4 hours and make sure they are sweated fully wet and exhausted! Our dear patrons love to smell their manly odour and their shiny torsos that covered by sweat drops. (If you found any lazy bath boys, lock them up in the Old Men House, these old filths will give these lazy pigs a great lesson!)


5) Night Services - Till Midheaven (Comment: Midheaven means 11 PM or 12AM. .... Don’t wanna comment for the dirty text that follows)


Bind them up to the wall and stakes, my noble patrons will come in at sunset, they will love to walk around and select the right boys and then, they will clean the boys’ dirty torsos, lick their sweat drops and muscles, suck their chest buttons and dicks to rigid state and so . . . come the white elixir! (Anything about male abuse. You know! The smell from the boys’ male juice will fill fully in the air of the hall! Now you understand why they have to clean up the floors everyday, masters! )






The schedule is finished and the true meaning of bath boys services in ancient time was now revealed to us. We believe that the scenes are real and these bath boys had suffered these abuses everyday by any kind of noble and rich men, whatever old, fat, ugly, they cannot reject. Or sometimes by luck, they could encounters some handsome, young and strong kinds but with cruel and sick mind . . . .









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